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2008.  Beijing Olympic Games security task

2008.  Beijing Paralympic Games security mission

2009.  National Day 60th anniversary military parade security task

2010.  Security mission of the 4 Asian Games in Guangzhou

2010.  security mission in World Expo, Shanghai

2011.  Security mission of the 6 Shenzhen Universiade

2011.  Hainan Boao forum security task

2014.  Shanghai Asia letter summit security mission

2014.  Nanjing Youth Olympic Games security mission

2014.  Tianjin "Davos" forum security task

2015.  9.3 parade security mission 2015

2015.  Beidaihe conference security mission

2015.  the establishment of a 60th anniversary security mission in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region

2016.  APEC meeting security task

2016.  Hangzhou G20 conference security mission

2017.  Security mission of the 16 Tianjin Universiade


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