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Diversify Your Garden Space With These Four Items

There are a few things you can do to keep your backyard scene going, and one of the best things is by selecting the following products. The following products will spruce up your gardening and best of all, you can mix and match these products. Continue to read on to find out what products you should get and then you can purchase one of them or you can get all of them.

Pick out your colour scheme. This is something that should be done while looking at the larger specimen plants that you already have in your garden. Next, you can look at the different viewpoints and heights. Determine whether or not you want to bring a bit of pop to your garden and be sure that you plan wisely by seeking out plants that are going to fulfill your needs and dreams. If you have a garden that has been established for a long time, you may only be looking for annuals, some bulbs and a few good perennials to fill in the space. This is where you get to dive into the real fun. This is time to look at the catalogs and see what is out there for different plant varieties and beautiful garden decor. Once the colour and height needs are established, the sky is the limit and you can really enjoy stunning garden-scapes just by taking a few risks. 1. Wind Chimes- Wind chimes are great products to put in your garden because they are soothing and nice to look at. These products are available in many styles and made with various materials, but aluminium chimes are the most common ones people get. You'll love listening to chimes make soothing noises while you relax in your garden, so make sure you buy a few chimes for your garden.

2. Sage Duck Decor Or Antique-Style Ivory Decor- Does your space need some colour added to it because if it does, then add an antique style ivory or sage duck statue. Doing this will give your garden a classic look and you may want to add 2-3 duck statues to your garden, especially if you have a fountain or a small pond installed. You'll love the charm a statue will add, so get a few or just get one to see how it looks. 3. Barnyard Birdhouse- Singing birds makes gardens complete, so add a birdhouse to one of your nearby trees. Add a little bit of appropriate food and some water, and gorgeous looking birds will flock to your birdhouse. Once the birds arrive, they will add a pleasant vibe to your garden. 4. Butterfly Garden Stakes - These are decorative items that also bring colour to your garden and they are a nice finishing touch. Stakes look great along walkways. You can also put them where there are groups of plants because they will add colour to the area. See Garden Stakes on Amazon Feel free to purchase just one of the above items, a few of them or all of them. They will all make a good addition to your backyard. Buy them today and instantly transform your garden.

Playing Blues Guitar On The Street For A Living

Modern times are far different from the days of old in the rural towns and cities of America during the early part of the 20th century. Life for the Negro was particularly hard. If you were able bodied and strong, then there was plenty of work around at very poor wages and some men didn't want this. Others were disabled in some way and it was common to see blind guitar players on the street singing for pennies. It wasn't unusual for a man to play for many hours for almost nothing. The legendary blues man Blind Lemon Jefferson was explained how he would play on a local street corner and after almost a full day only had enough money to buy a loaf of bread.

Others took to the street to earn money, but also to give a message to the passers-by. One such street singer was Reverend Gary Davis, who sang his Gospel spirituals on the streets of Harlem in the 1930s. Blind Boy Fuller would play accompanied by harmonica player Sonnie Terry outside tobacco warehouses at the time when a work shift ended, hoping for a few cents from the working men on their way home. Yes, the tradition of performing music on the streets is strong, whether it be guitar, saxophone or other easily carried instrument. Some enterprising people have even pushed along small pianos!

After the folk-blues revival in the 60s, young guitarists became interested in learning guitar and once again took to the street to perform. Sometimes because there was nowhere else to play, and now and again hoping to make a little money. Many people saw the activity as very romantic and were pleased to follow in the footsteps of those solitary legendary figures like Son House and Robert Johnson. It's also a great way to practice your tunes. Not too many people stop to listen unless the artist is very good, so it's possible to play the same tune for a long time, introducing variations and generally getting better and better.

Many cities in America and Europe just don't allow busking any more, or have introduced a licensing system, which most musicians can't be bothered with. Cities have other rules to dissuade the faint hearted. Amsterdam restricts the activity to certain areas at certain times and definitely no amplification. Other cities tolerate it and often it's up to the individual policeman if he moves a musician on or not. In Spain, he run the risk of being fined and having his instrument confiscated - the worst thing that can happen to a musician.

Learning Guitar And The Power Of Visualization

Most guitar instructors focus heavily on the practical and theoretical aspects of making music which follows a very similar format for all. Classical guitarists tend to teach musical theory first and then practice, while modern blues players often use guitar tablature, or simply tab, before quickly moving on to the all-important practice.

Everyone agrees that to become one of the best you need to practice many hours a day - or do you? It's true that muscles have memory, and by pushing the fingers through the same motions over and over again every single day, they will tend to remember the patterns. Even improvisation is simply deciding to take a musical path trodden before in practice sessions. It isn't really new at all, but just another fork along the road to musical expression and essential for learning fingerstyle guitar.

What about the psychology of learning music, or anything else for that matter? A famous social experiment will illustrate what I mean. Decades ago, a team of Russian athletes were separated into three smaller teams. Each team followed a different training regime and the results were to be assessed in real competitions at the end of the program.

The first team practiced in the normal traditional way, with correct nutrition, theoretical analysis of what they were trying to achieve, and of course lots of practice time. This group trained physically for 75% of their time, while 25% was dedicated to theory.The second group kept the theory part of the program, but reduced the physical training time to 50%, while introducing a 25% period of visualization. The last groups trained for 75% of their time and the rest was visualization.

Visualization is simply a quiet meditation where one focuses on the task. You can see yourself doing it really well, in vivid color and vibrant movement. As much as possible, you try to really live and be there. In the Russian athletes case, the team who spent most of their time visualizing beat both of the others!

Anyone learning guitar would benefit from the following program. Of course, you need to practice physically, but we need to put a lot more emphasis on imagination i.e. visualization. This is what probably set the Claptons apart from the also-rans. Each night before going to sleep, close your eyes and see yourself playing that complicated piece you want to perfect.

See your fingers on the fret board and feel the strings pressing into the skin of your fingers on both hands. Imagine the vibration form the music, and marvel at the perfection of the timing! Above all, hear the music exactly as you want to perform it and know that your fingers are moving easily around your instrument.

How To Keep Your Fish Healthy In Your Aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium in your home requires patience and dedication. Fishes are not like cats and dogs that are self-contained most of the time. Fishes need to be fed and kept in a clean environment because they could die instantly. Here are some basic tips to help keep your fishes healthy and happy.

Acclimate your fish. Always check the waters chemistry and content before adding your fish, because fish tend to be very sensitive when it comes to a sudden changes in the environment.Give your fish enough space to swim around. Avoid overcrowding your aquarium lest your fish die of oxygen deprivation. Excess waste can also clog the filters and make your tank water dirty and toxic for your fish.

Check if the water has a suitable PH level with a reliable pH tester. This will reveal the acidity or alkalinity of your water. The ideal PH level is between 6.6 and 7.8. Anything beyond that range could be harmful to your fish.

Let your fish float in a bag for a few minutes before adding the tank water. This will help your fish adjust in the temperature and change in its habitat.

The water should be conditioned first. To give your fish longer life, de-chlorinate the water in the tank. To illustrate, you cant simply let your fish float in tap water because there are typically chemical elements therein that may endanger the fishs health. Supplements like vitamins may be also be added to the water in the tank to keep the fish healthy.

Maintain the tank regularly. Clean the sides of the aquarium. Be wary of algae buildup as this may threaten the life of your fish and the aquatic plants that you keep. As an alternative, you could get an algae-eating fish to solve the problem on an ongoing basis. Regular cleaning of the tank will keep your fish in tip-top shape.

Maintain the right temperature for the water. Since fish are sensitive, any changes in the water temperature can have a nasty effect on their well being.

Avoid overfeeding your pet. Set a schedule for the feeding of your fish, and always measure how much you feed them. Ask your local vet or pet shop for the correct amount of food for your fish.

Get healthy fish, especially if this isnt the only fish in the tank. Sickly fish may affect other fishes. At the same time, quarantine new fish. This will help you determine if the fish is sickly. However, this means you have to keep two tanks in your home.

Change the water in the tank when needed. At least 25% of the water in your tank must be replaced monthly. This will keep your tank clean. You will immediately see dirty water, especially when it is hazy. Check the filtration system and unclog it. Use a siphoning system to vacuum the debris.

Always check the expiration date on the labels of supplements and vitamins. Expired products will endanger the health of your pet fish.

The Guitar Learners Dilemma: Physical Books Vs. Online Tutorials

Guitarists are considered as the most versatile and glamorous musicians today. They can sing, walk, run, bang their head, act like lunatics and still be in excellent harmony with the people they are performing with. However, you wont become a great guitarist just by owning a guitar: you have to work for it.

You need to master guitar basics before you can perform on a stage. As a beginner, you can gather the experience and information you need by taking online lessons or reading music books. Inexperienced guitarists are often confused when it comes to choosing the appropriate learning tool. Should they utilize the traditional way of studying (i.e. reading guitar books)? Or should they take advantage of the latest technology (i.e. watching online tutorials)?

This topic is both interesting and important. By the end of this article, you should be able to determine the best learning tool for you.

All About Physical Books

Guitar books are divided into two categories: (1) song compilations and (2) theory books. There are literally thousands of printed books available for you: you can buy them online or by visiting your favorite bookstore. In general, guitar books are handy and inexpensive. That means you can carry them whenever and wherever you want. Also, you wont have to worry about your budget.

Almost all of the famous guitarists today improved their skills using this learning material. They mastered important elements of guitar playing (e.g. transposition, music theory, chord changes, etc.) by reading guitar books. If you want to become a better guitarist and still save some money, then this is the best option for you.

All About Online Tutorials

Online tutorials make use of the latest technological advancements. Now, beginners can learn from professional instructors without leaving the comfort of their sofas. You dont have to sulk in a corner trying to decipher the meaning of some printed words. You can just turn on your computer or phone, access the internet, and watch guitar experts explain complex ideas using their own words. That means you can learn how to form pentatonic scales or transpose songs while watching a pro do his thing on the guitar.

These tutorials often involve two things: eBooks and videos. Once you have registered for an online guitar training course, you will gain access to a library full of learning materials. You can access these materials online or download them onto your favorite device. Read more about learning guitar online at That means you can improve your skills without having to carry a book with you. Your learning materials can be stored in your phone or tablet.

In addition, video tutorials are more interactive when compared to guitar books. For example, you are trying to learn how to play the open G chord. With a guitar book, you are required to read guitar tablature, find the right finger positions, and hope that you are doing the right thing. If you have video tutorials, however, you will immediately see the correct finger positions (the guy or girl in the video will show you how to do it).

That comes with an added bonus: the instructor will strum the chords or pluck the strings. Put simply, you will know what the sound is supposed to be. If you are producing a different sound or pitch, then you will know that something is wrong.

Online tutorials offer excellent benefits. However, these perks come with a price... literally. If you have the moolah to spend, then this is your best choice.