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Mediterranean Cruises - The Most Popular Destinations

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe is the culture rich Mediterranean and one of the best ways of sampling this beautiful and historic area is to embark on a cruise. Travellers who wish to experience summertime vacation in the Med will find themselves spoilt by a plethora of choice with a wide range of cruise lines, flexible points of departure, length of holiday and itineraries to select from. The available cruises are often broken down into regions, perhaps covering the eastern or western part of the Mediterranean although of course some cruises will cover more than one half.

Western Mediterranean cruises are some of the most popular choices as people prefer them to staying in Benidorm or Javea property, as this gives you little room to explore. Cruises also include a port of call in Italy with the most likely stop being in Civitavecchia, a city commonly referred to as the gateway to Rome. If you are looking for the best Mediterranean cruises for honeymooners, Italy is the place to go. This gives honeymooners the chance to undertake tours of the Vatican or Sistine Chapel or maybe take in a trip to the Colosseum. However, if you are looking for the best cruises in the Mediterranean for singles, then there are a wide variety of ports available in the country of France and the precise stops will depend on the cruise line but likely destinations are Marseille, which is the largest port in the Mediterranean or places along the French Riviera such as Cannes and Nice. Other French based stops typically include Monaco, Corsica and St Tropez. The culture of Spain is usually taken in with stops in places such as Barcelona or Vigo and other countries frequently visited by western cruises include Croatia, Portugal and Sicily.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises will also overlap some of these parts, for example a common starting point is Barcelona, but will obviously travel much further east. There will be stops in Greece offering the chance to explore the architecture and beaches that the country has to offer. The port of Piraeus offers a gateway to the city of Athens and the chance to visit such historical landmarks as the Acropolis and Parthenon. There are many other typical stops in Greece including Corfu, Crete, Mykonos and Rhodes. Most eastern cruises will visit the crossroads where Europe meets Asia at Istanbul in Turkey and several also visit Varna in Bulgaria and Limassol in Cyprus.

The best Mediterranean cruises for families are most likely found in the southern region of the Mediterranean. Cyprus may also be included on these tours but common stops include the exotic destinations of Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Egypt. It is also possible to go on special cruises, which consist of specific ports of call in the Holy Land. These cruises will stop in the religious cities of Jerusalem and Nazareth while Port Said in Egypt is another likely destination which allows cruisers to debark on a visit to Cairo to take in the Pyramids of Giza.