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What Types Of Limousine Services You Can Hire In Austin, Tx?

Let's face it - limousine services in Austin are slowly but surely becoming one of our life's necessities. It's true that owning a limousine is something reserved only for the richest people. However, hiring a limousine service in Austin, TX is definitely something that everyone can consider.

The truth is, there are events in life, corporate gatherings, special moments and business meetings that need to be attended with proper care and in the best comfort and convenience. From weddings to proms, special events and even funerals - limousine services come in varied shapes and forms these days.

With stretch limousines being one of the most popular choices nowadays, there are many different limousine rental services and each of them has their own specific fleet of limousines. However, the limousine types listed below are the most common nowadays and can give you the best ideal on what to look for in a limo service in Austin, TX.

Lincoln Navigator Limousine

This is one of the finest limousine types in the market. It's classy, stylish and elegant and has always been identified for its clean and smooth lines, brute power and amazing adaptability. Safe, luxurious and coming with a great engine beneath the hood, the Lincoln Navigator is a limousine for all types of events or special moments and is definitely a real head-turner.

Hummer Limousine

The stretch limousine type also welcomes the Hummer, which can accommodate up to 12 passengers. However, the Hummer limousines can take on twice as many people as that - so that 24 passengers can be transported comfortable and in the finest luxury. Fully equipped with drinks but also great for more rugged areas in the countryside, the Hummer is a great option for everywhere you may want to go.

Cadillac Escalade Limousine

This is one of the most stylish limousine types on the market and one of the newest additions to the model lineup. It has the perfect interior and features all the latest amenities. From color LCD TVs to aconite-topped bars and stainless-steel items, it also boasts with a high-end sound system in its standard equipment. Definitely another head-turner and one of the most booked limousine types in Austin nowadays.

So, have you made up your choice for a limousine rental in Austin, TX - between these three styles? We hope you have a blast - and ride in style to your birthday, prom, special event or corporate meeting.


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