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Top 6 Cornwall Attractions For Families And Large Groups

Cornwall has some of the UKs finest beaches, historic fishing villages, remarkable mines, and truly breath-taking countryside. But, Cornwall is not only famous for its natural beauty. It is also famed for some of the British Isles man-made wonders. The point is that Cornwall is the best place to be whether you are seeking to renew your family ties across generations or simply to strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood. Here are the top six attractions in Cornwall which are perfect for family get-togethers as well as friend reunions.

1. Eden Project - One of the UKs most famous man-made wonders, the Eden Project boasts of tropical biomes that provide visitors with a unique view of the regions of the planet where different species of flora thrive. This is perfect for large families as kids will surely be amazed at the variety of species inside the biomes.

2. National Maritime Museum - Cornwall is known for its rich maritime heritage. Friends and families can celebrate centuries of sea-faring activities in this part of the UK with a visit at the National Maritime Museum located in Falmouth. The museum features workshops, special events, and uniquely entertaining and educational hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.

3. Heartlands - With a humongous adventure playscape designed specifically for kids, the Heartlands should be included in your itinerary for family reunions. It features exhibitions that are nothing less than truly revolutionary and state-of-the-art, gardens that show epic diversity, stunning sculptures perfect for climbing opportunities, and even a funky cafe. This is the ideal place for large groups of friends who may wish to experience something different.

4. Roskillys - For people who would like to spend several hours leading the life of a farmer, the Roskillys is simply the place to visit. It has gently rolling meadows complete with farm animals including fat, grass-fed cows that are being milked. If youre done watching the action, you can then share an ice cream or two with the rest of your friends while sitting on the grassy terrain.

5. Camel Creek Park & Resort - This may not be your idea of an excellent place for reunions but you will be surprised to learn that it is considered as one of the best places to go to if you want a really fun-filled and truly unforgettable experience. Its got activities for everyone, from babies to oldies so its the perfect place for family get-togethers across generations.

6. Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway - If you and your friends are already weary of the daily grind on LondonĂ­s Tube, then heading to the Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway should provide you a nostalgic experience of old school steam engines. The railway system is the regions last remaining steam-powered locomotive. Get the rest of your friends into one of the coaches and take on a more leisurely ride in the famous Cornish countryside.

Thinking of a Cornish holiday for your clan or even your high school class? You can start by including these six attractions in your reunion program and you can be sure that everyone will be having a truly memorable time. Now you just need to find quality holiday accommodation in Cornwall big enough for your group.


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