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Four Events You Have To Attend When Visiting Fowey

There are a lot of things to do in Fowey in Cornwall. However, there are only four events that every Fowey visitor must attend or partake at least once in their lifetime. Without these festivities and events, your understanding of Fowey and Cornwall will be limited at best.

Fowey in Cornwall is best known for Fowey Festival of Words and Music which takes place every year in May. The festival started as a celebration of famous Fowey resident and novelist Daphne Du Maurier. It was in the town that many of her literary masterpieces were conceived and written, many of which are stories based in Cornwall such as Jamaica Inn and Frenchmans Creek. Many of Daphne Du Mauriers works were inspired from her experiences in Fowey such that many literally critics would later claim, she would have not been this great had Fowey not given her the much needed inspiration for any great writer. So, every year, other literary aspirants come to Fowey to celebrate the life and works of Du Maurier. Together with broadcasters and lesser-known performers, they partake in festivities that showcase their artistic and literary talents. The Daphne Du Maurier Festival includes guided walks, local live music, tea dances, celebrations of Cornish food and beverages, Cornish folk tales, and a whole lot more.

On the Town Quay of Fowey, the merry-making month of December is always ushered in by the Fowey Christmas Market every first weekend of the last month of the year. Foweys annual Christmas Market has attracted thousands of visitors not only from neighbouring cities and communities but also all over the British Isles and overseas. At the Christmas Market, anything and everything pertaining to Christmas is sold from Christmas trees to decorations to clothing and to foodstuffs. The atmosphere can be described as friendly and with plenty of folks dressed up like Santa Claus, you are sure to feel the spirit of gift-giving in the air. Christmas carols as well as other musical entertainment and variety shows provide the merry-making public with enough reason to be happy this time of the year. With a genuine German Oompah band providing a festive background of music, local choir groups serenade the public to provide a celebratory atmosphere.

For the past 15 years, this small village near Fowey has played host to the Lostwithiel Antiques Fair where sellers and buyers of antique and hard-to-find items and vintage objects that can really make for a great addition to anyones home. Every first Sunday of the month, Lostwithiel Antiques Fair opens its shops to hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts, and curiosity seekers who are in the search for rustic items, vintage kitchenware, historic Chinaware, antique jewellery, and other items. Like they say, one mans trash is anothers treasure. At Lostwithiel Antiques Fair, you will never run out of truly memorable trinkets and items to bring home. The only thing you will ever run out of is time. If you were not able to bring home anything on your first try, you can always go back the following month and expect more treasures to find.

Fowey Royal Regatta and Carnival Week Fowey has always been known for its rich marine heritage. As such, every third week of October, the town plays host to the Annual Fowey Royal Regatta. The week-long festival is characterised by tons of fun-filled water activities, parades, entertainment shows, and a smorgasbord of local and Cornish cuisines. It would be a shame to visit Fowey and not partake in this royal parade of marine heritage.

It goes without saying that accommodation is very tight in the town and surrounding area during these festivals. It makes sense to book well in advance for Fowey cottages, hotels, guest houses and nearby campsites. So, the next time you go to Fowey, get your holiday accommodation first, and remember these events as these can help you gain better appreciation of the life of the people in this very Cornish town.


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