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Cornish Food You Should Try Out During Your Holiday

After surfing, taking a long walk and enjoying the breathtaking views, you will most likely have worked up an appetite. Cornwall also has a lot of great restaurants, cafes, and bistros for you to try out, especially if you are too tired or not in the mood to cook in your own holiday cottage. However, it can be a bit tricky navigating through the menu if you are not familiar with all the traditional food served. To begin your culinary tour of Cornwall, here are dishes you can start on

The Traditional Cornish Pasty

This dish has a Protected Geographical Indication status, meaning only ones that are actually made in Cornwall can be called so. Also called oggies by the locals, they are actually pastries that are filled with either beef, swede, onions and potatoes, which are then folded and baked.

They became popular back in the 17th and 18th Century when tin miners wives began making them as delicious and balanced meals for their husbands while they working in the mines. Finding shops that sell them will not be difficult, as the national dish can be found everywhere. Nowadays, though, other fillings can be found, like chicken and bacon, or even apple.

Stargazy Pie

Stargazy pie is the best way to enjoy the local fishermens fresh catch. You simply cannot spend a holiday in Cornwall without trying out this pie that dates all the way back to the 16th century. Back then, a fisherman braved stormy weather to catch enough to be able to feed the entire village. He was able to catch 7 types of fish, which he then baked into a giant pie, with heads still poking out of the crust. Through these pies, he was able to save the village from dying from starvation.

Cornish Cream Tea

You might have noticed the many dairy farms spread around the region, and therefore you can expect the best cream to be produced here. Cornish cream tea, then, is the combination of traditional English tea, smooth clotted cream, sweet strawberry jam, and baked scones.

Cornish Ice Cream

This is the same base used for the cream tea, albeit perfect for the warm sunny days. Ice cream is a must for visitors of all ages, and you can find a lot of ice cream shops, carts, and vans everywhere. Flavors also vary and everyone can enjoy a scoop or two while strolling along the beach.

Cornish Yarg

Yarg is a type of cheese that can only be found in Cornwall, especially since it is best when you eat it fresh. Made from pasteurised milk from local cows, its semi-hard and creamy, wrapped in nettles.

Cornwall is a great destination for those who love food. With the many farms in the region, you can expect traditional dishes made from the freshest local produce. Seafood is also plentiful and cheap, thanks to the daily catch of Cornish fishermen. This is truly one of the highlights of Cornwall, another reason why you should plan your next holiday here.


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