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Can Music Be Something More Than Just Music?

As you start listening music at an early age, you are only hearing some beautifully played music notes. As you grow up listening to music you realize that music is much more than how you have always perceived it. It has been proved through several science researches and studies that music has a great effect on our bodies. What it means is that music can be used for health benefits as well. Think about it for a second: dont you feel cold when you are in your bedroom during high winter season and you hear the water running in the toilet?

What it means is that sound has a great effect on us. When many different sounds and voices are put together, in a beautiful and harmonic manner, they have an even better effect. What music can do for you physically might not be well researched for now but it can definitely have a huge impact on your mental health. There are several examples through which it can be proved that singing and music have a great effect on peoples mental health. For example, many mental- health related issues associated with depression or stress can be tackled by using music.

First, if you research online you will find that there are many institutions with online websites that are actually curing people for several diseases through sound notes. You will download paid recordings of various sound notes and listen to them as told by the instructor to have the right effect. There are sound notes for virtually any type of health issue you can imagine. This is called sound therapy or healing through sound. According to the proponents of this method, our body starts to suffer as different parts of our body start to operate on different and dissonant frequencies.

Everything has a frequency and all body organs should be in harmony in order for a person to stay healthy. By producing the right notes, these individuals try to bring the un-tuned organs of your body back in tune with the rest of the body to heal your illness. This method has worked for years and there are literally millions of people using this method right now. Stammering is a problem where person is not able to speak certain letters or sounds. Stammering is of two types: one is physical and the other is mental. Stammering due to mental stress can be cured with music.

There several examples of people who stammer while speaking but are fully fit and fine when they start singing. Yoga and meditation is often accompanied with proper music for full effect. What this means is that you could actually become someones relief from pain by being a great singer. However, to become such an amazing person you will first have to learn how to sing. You could always perform an online research on comprehensive online voice lessons review to know which lesson would be best for you. Its good to know that you could make a difference just with your sound.


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