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Beat The Crowds In In These Lesser Known Vacation Destinations

Your holiday should be full of fun and at the same time, a chance for you to sit back and relax. Although there are the quintessential destinations that almost everyone has on their bucket list of places to go, these cities tend to also be full of fellow tourists. Along with the crowds, you can expect prices to skyrocket and you might really not have the chance to enjoy the place because everyone is busy taking their selfies there.

So instead of going to these popular spots, why not opt instead to go to some of these lesser known tourist destinations? Not only will they be less busy and cheaper, but you will also be able to really see the local culture. Here are some ideas:

1. La Paz, Mexico instead of Los Cabos. Although beach parties are great when you are a young student, you really want to go to the coast to enjoy the water and the views. La Paz offers you great nature without the crowds, so you can literally be a beach bum. More than that, you can enjoy the great food. Just make sure you skip it during mid-summer because you might burn in the heat.

2. Dublin, Ireland instead of London London. is a huge mega-city that offers visitors whatever they look for, whether its shopping, castles, museums or even sports. However, it is also one of the most expensive cities out there and you could be sure to encounter crowds any time of the year. Instead, try out Dublin and enjoy the famous Irish charm of the people. You get to soak up the local culture, drink pints of beer and have the time of your life.

3. Naxos, Greece instead of Santorini or Mykonos. Greek islands are the epitome of beautiful islands, Mediterranean food, and friendly locals. But opt for Naxos to have a more natural experience. This island has the wonderful contrast of mountains and valleys and the popular white-washed houses. Moreover, your eyes will be treated to a view of vineyards and olive trees that outnumber the locals. Go to a restaurant and taste how fresh food tastes like, especially since it will most likely have been grown and prepared there.

4. Hanoi, Vietnam instead of Bangkok . More cities and countries in Southeast Asia are opening up and becoming popular tourist destinations. Visitors flock them for the unique culture and the wonderful cuisine. Its the perfect time to head over to Vietnams capital of Hanoi before it gets crowded with tourists like Bangkok. Learn about its great history and the traces of the French colonization in the architecture. Just dont forget to go to a local restaurant and try out the well-known cuisine.

These are just some ideas for travelers to beat the crowds and still enjoy find what they are looking for during a holiday, whether its the beach, culture, food, or history. As travel prices go down and more people decide to explore the world, its better to check these places out before they become too crowded.


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